Camille LeFevre on teaching and writing arts journalism

Week of December 13

My students are busy working on their final projects–blogs and websites that fill a missing niche in local arts journalism, with an About section that articulates just what that niche is and whether they’re writing from a journalism or pr perspective (or integrating both), and with posts that demonstrate their critical thinking and writing skills. It’s the last week of the semester for classes!

Meanwhile, I’m still working on:

That Architecture Minnesota piece (on an Honor Award-winning project by HGA)

An artist profile/personal essay for City Pages

Next semester’s syllabus (for JOUR 4171: Covering the Arts, Backstage at the Guthrie Theater)

A few items for Ananya Dance Theater in preparation for a new show next year

A press release for a Wisconsin architecture firm

A post for this blog

Then, a break for the holidays!


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