Camille LeFevre on teaching and writing arts journalism

Camille LeFevre: Bio

Camille LeFevre is an interdisciplinary arts journalist, critic and editor, and has written thousands of articles, previews and reviews for journals, magazines, newspapers and online-publications throughout the United States. She’s currently an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota. She teaches professional courses in arts journalism, and has taught in the dance and architecture schools at the U of M.

Next semester, she co-teaches a course she developed on cyborg anthropology in the Graduate School. Her Master of Liberal Studies thesis, “Cyborg Ballerina, Cyber Warrior: A Study of Dancing Human/Machine Hybrids from Sylphide to Science Fiction,” intertwined research and theory from the disciplines of film, dance, television, art history, critical media studies and popular culture. She’s currently co-editing an anthology titled, The Human Body as Cultural Metaphor in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Machine-Age Utopias to Digital-Era Dystopias.

As a scholar, she presents her research into the ballet body in science fiction, and on site-specific performance, at conferences around the United States and Canada.  She’s the author of Charles R. Stinson Architects: Compositions in Nature.



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